Each year on June 2nd Italians celebrate La Festa della Repubblica, or Festival of the Republic.

This national holiday commemorates the abofestivalslishment of the monarchy and a decision to operate as a parliamentary republic following the end of World War II.  With the demise of conflict, as well as fascism, this vote created a new Italy with a restored faith in the future of their freedom.

Colorful, energetic festivals can be found across Italy every month of the year for a variety of holidays and religious observations. Similar to our July 4th, Italians celebrate Festa della Repubblica with large festivals full of music, entertainment and food.  It is also customary for the President of the Republic to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Piazza Venezia, followed by a large military parade.  The highlight of the day is the arrival of the Frecce Tricolori – fighter jets which fly in formation high above the festivities, emitting the bright colors of the Italian flag.

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