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Sauce Creations: Olive and Ricotta Pizza

Try using one of our 3 savory sauces in your next meal! Thinking of using Pasta Too’s Original Tomato Sauce tonight? Get playful with homemade pizza straight from your oven or grill! Green Olive Pizza with Ricotta Cheese Have fun making homemade pizzas for a simple dinner or party favorite finger food.  You can find prebaked crusts [...]


Italian Traditions: Summer Festivals and Fun

Each year on June 2nd Italians celebrate La Festa della Repubblica, or Festival of the Republic. This national holiday commemorates the abolishment of the monarchy and a decision to operate as a parliamentary republic following the end of World War II.  With the demise of conflict, as well as fascism, this vote created a new [...]


Risotto: A Taste for Every Palate

Risotto, a staple of northern Italian cuisine, is a short-grain rice dish with delightful versatility.  Using Arborio rice, it is most often cooked slowly by adding small amounts of hot chicken broth and is a dish that begs to be stirred with patience. The flavors arise from many areas of the culinary spectrum. From seafood [...]


Winter Comforts and the Italian Kitchen

Winter Comforts and the Italian Kitchen After a holiday season brimming with rich entrées and sugared sweets, many cooks welcome the New Year with more distinctive dishes reflective of the winter months ahead. Long before January became the threshold for dietary changes and fitness mantras, it was a time for comfort food. Warm, aromatic [...]


Seasonal Cooking: Fresh Ideas for Fall

Seasonal Cooking: Fresh Ideas for Fall The return of crisp air, falling leaves and cozy sweaters mean change is upon us. Fall is an amazing time to try new and exciting things in your everyday life, as well as in your everyday cooking. Creating dishes with carefully-selected seasonal ingredients opens the door to fresher options [...]


Italian Traditions

Italian heritage is rich with vibrant traditions. Learn more about Italian culture, regional specialties and the heart of the Italian lifestyle. Italian Weddings Mean Coriandoli and Almonds The end of a traditional Italian wedding is usually met with showering the bride and groom in some sort of confetti. Originally, the celebration called for tossing almonds, [...]



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